Overlay Capital Trading Program Daily Snapshot 2017/05/30

Topic: Trading Notes

Portfolio Performance for 2017/05/30

Daily Positions: 12
Profitable Positions (% of total): 41.67%
Maximum Drawdown: -0.52%
Daily Net Profit: -0.2%
YTD P&L: 2.24%

Comments: Going into month-end today, the model continues to add to long GBP position. Election news showing the Tory party losing a grip on victory next week is the latest news to hit the currency. FX swaps indicate the GBP is in negative territory, which is also adding to the downward pressure on the currency. Watch the 11am (ET)/4pm (London) activity in GBP and related crosses today. The model appears to be betting on a GBP reversal. The long Aussie position is interesting, as the currency has been quiet for the year to date. I suggest you watch activity around London close for short term direction.



Long JPY 39,940
Long AUD 5,193
Long GBP 4,243
Short EUR 3,100
Short USD 3,692
Short CAD 179
Short CHF 2,340

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