Overlay Capital Trading Program Daily Snapshot 2017/08/11

Topic: Trading Notes

Portfolio Performance for 2017/08/11

Daily Positions: 12
Profitable Positions (% of total): 25%
Maximum Drawdown: -0.06%
Daily Net Profit: -0.06%
YTD P&L: -0.01%

Comments: The model moved back to holding a bearish JPY position at Friday's close. The model in general has hit its highest leverage point (above 2:1) this year, expressing a strong level of confidence. Given the geopolitical stress in the region (North Korea specifically) the model will need calmness to prevail. The other interesting position is in AUDCAD. This pair has been fluctuating either side of parity for a few years, so I would anticipate this position to not gain much attention.

The British Pound is long in the Portfolio, as is struggling to hold the 1.3000 level. UK economy is struggling and any news on Brexit has been met with negative market reaction. Given the weakness in the USD so far this month, cable doesn't appear to want to participate.



Long CHF 2,902
Long AUD 7,978
Long GBP 3,181
Long USD 6,129
Short EUR 200
Short CAD 11,224
Short JPY 1,145,988

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