Currency Trading - Overlay Capital Trading Program looks to extend the features of our Adaptive Hedge product, to profit from currency movements by utilizing directional strategies based on both long and short signals. This investment approach helps pursue a consistent, positive return in all markets.

It is Overlay Capital's belief, that in the long term market prices reflect all relevant information including fundamental, geopolitical, or psychological factors. However, short-term supply and demand imbalances occur when market participants over/under react to available information. These short-term imbalances create opportunities for dynamic, system based trading models that are designed to take advantage of these disparities. The actively managed Overlay Capital Trading Program seeks an excess return that emerges from volatile and uncertain financial markets. Our model can be adapted to customer needs, applied to different financial instruments, utilizing different leveraged execution techniques.

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Click on the links below to view the monthly performance reports of our Model Portfolio.

Trading Performance 300 Program - January 2017 (PDF)

Trading Performance 300 Program - February 2017 (PDF)

Trading Performance 300 Program - March 2017 (PDF)

Trading Performance 300 Program - April 2017 (PDF)

Trading Performance 300 Program - May 2017 (PDF)

Trading Performance 300 Program - June 2017 (PDF)

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