OMV Leaders Series

The OMV Leaders Series is a proprietary co-invest strategy that is open to institutional and accredited investors, providing direct deal access to top-tier co-investment and direct opportunities alongside leading venture managers.

Our structure is similar to a rolling fund, using a daisy chain to link one investment to the other in one cohesive strategy.

This provides greater investor flexibility than a traditional committed fund while maintaining diversification benefits. We leverage our relationships with fund managers and venture partners that have unique access that we can benefit from by acting as a dedicated vertical-oriented partner.

Sector Themes

The sector thesis is to invest in the major tailwind themes of supply chain resilience, sustainability, and energy independence.

Market Leaders

We are looking to follow or co-invest with leaders in the space, including funds like Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Good Growth Capital, and Climactic.

Allocations & Terms

The synthetic fund allows investors to make annual commitments (stated as quarterly amounts) that will get automatically allocated to the strategy.

Each transaction is a standalone investment but participation in the strategy gives investors preferential terms and adds durability to their portfolio construction.