Multiple strategies.
One Overlay.

Overlay Capital is an alternative investment manager providing value through a cycle-agnostic approach.

Overlay Fund Partners

We leverage our ecosystem to identify and partner with leading fund managers and gain exposure to specific asset classes. These partnerships are intentionally diversified bets representing unique viewpoints.

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Tactical Opportunities

Occasionally, we identify opportunities that do not fit perfectly within an existing strategy. We will offer these investments on a case by case basis, typically through an SPV structure.

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OMV Leaders Series

Our co-investment strategy has a mandate to invest alongside top-tier venture managers focused on innovative and clean technologies. Overlay provides several ways to get exposure to this strategy, including our synthetic fund as well as ad hoc allocations.

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About Us

Investing in Resilience.

Welcome to Overlay Capital. We seek to capture value by investing in the misunderstood and hard to access parts of the private markets, typically alongside small and emerging managers. Our approach is to identify opportunities with partners that have a well-defined vertical focus around major tail-winded themes, including clean technology, new infrastructure, and supply chain resilience.


Investing in Resilience: A World Under Pressure

What does it mean to be investing in resilience? Explore the link between private markets investing and resilience.

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Do concepts like ‘supply chain resilience’ or ‘decarbonization’ represent investable themes?

Explore the link between emerging managers, superior returns, and secular trend analysis.

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We are always looking for talented people driven to achieve remarkable things. Learn more about our values and explore current open positions.

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